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What do you guys think about these Emporio Armani's? I like to think of them as more of a 'Square' type aviator. Can you guys suggest something similar?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch Go to Self Edge, buy anything except Nudies. They are in SF. I will try out American Rag and SS. Thanks for those.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk This is a bad place to be asking about 7 jeans. Try honestforum for that type of stuff. Just curious as to why? I'm obviously new to this stuff. Everyone here hates 7's?
Do 7's have different fits based on pocket style? I mean would one A-pocket bootcut look different from a whatever pocket bootcut? Also - Not into skinny jeans.
I never really understood the true value of a good fitting jean until now. I used to wear any old denim which would really make me look funny but it didn't matter for some reason. I'm 25, 5'7", 140lbs. I used to wear Lucky Brand 'Vintage Straight' jeans. These are really basic straight legs. My friend commented that I look like I'm 40 and divorced with two children when I wear these jeans. So, I went and bought 2 pairs of Sevens. Both are A-Pocket 'Bootcut' jeans....
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