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Are these Walthams not GY welted? http://www.dsw.com/shoe/ralph+lauren+collection+waltham+leather+oxford?prodId=286846&category=dsw12cat1780036&brand=dsw12brand17500010&isBrand=y&categoryName=men&activeCats=men,dsw12brand17500010&productRef=quickAddToBagFormTab I got em and great that they are E width, but the sole seems so thin. Anyone have any idea?
Edward is prestige line
They don't. On the website, it's listed all as M (medium) width. Just not true in my experience but given that the Mansion in NY tells me the same thing, I wouldn't exactly blame DSW.
Some shoes from DSW RLPL by EG are listed D inside and some listed E. Based on the shoes I've tried on from RLPL by EG, there is definitely a difference in fitting for the D and E labelled shoes. D is definitely narrower in my experience.
For those on the fence about the Edward Green/RLPL shoes on DSW, there's an additional 25% off for DSW Rewards Members. Code is FRIENDSFAM plus free shipping with code SHIPR (think that's the code). These are the Made In England EG/RLPL I could...
They are definitely a strong, red color, but I I really like them. I think they'll age nicely into an even deeper red over time, which I think could be great. They're in pristine condition. Haven't even been tried on as far as I can tell.
Also, I have a Lobb Brentwood in UK 7E/US 8 that I bought at Barneys. Planning to return it to SF Barneys if you want it or if you just want to just buy it at cost from me, PM me. http://www.barneys.com/John-Lobb-Brentwood/501916008,default,pd.html
Folks I'm returning a Chelsea in size UK 7.5E/US 8 today to SF Barneys. Get it there or PM me if you want to grab it from me at cost (a little more expensive b/c of PayPal fees and such). Chelsea: http://www.barneys.com/Gaziano-Girling-Perforated-Cap-Toe-Slip-On/501812008,default,pd.html Also have a Lobb Brentwood in UK 7E/US 8 that will be sending back too: http://www.barneys.com/John-Lobb-Brentwood/501916008,default,pd.html
Here are my new Woodcotes in Deep Red. Now I need some help on what pants/socks to wear these with!
Yeah. Lobb stores had a sale until 6/29. Some models were 60% off. The red Woodcote was one of those 60% off.
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