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If you're going to get prestige, then it's hard to beat Phillip II. Lots of options in the Bay Area. You can see a number of styles at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Wilkes. All in Union Square in SF.
Nice looking boots!
I think it is anywhere between GBP 295/= to 550/= but this may not be correct.[/quote]I'd greatly appreciate it as well. Looking for a proxy!
Just wanted to post these. I just got back from a trip to Europe and perhaps my favorite purchase are these J.M Weston triple sole, medallion wingtips. Definitely a really heavy shoe, and it's definitely not for everyone. I feel I could hurt someone by kicking them, but I love the fit and construction. It's going to take a while to break these things in, but it's going to be worth it.
If only this were my size...
I was up there today. Edward Green was sadly closed b/c they are still getting organized after the sale in London.I did go to Lobb and C&J. For me, it was a useful trip. It's tough to find much on sale when you're an EE or F width. Lobb, for example, doesn't stock EE in stores other than black City and black Phillip. I actually found a pair of loafers that fit me, which was a very pleasant surprise.
One last thing. Are these corrected grain?
Awesome. Thanks folks. I need to see what I think about the fit. Lovely shoes. Very happy with them for
I just bought these double monks for what I consider a really good price if they are calf, but if they are shell cordovan, I think I got an AMAZING deal. Just not sure if Canali is just referencing the color vs the leather itself. The leather feels very waxy and it "seems" to ripple and the scratches buff out easily. I'm just not super familiar with identifying shell. While I was out shopping after buying the shoes, I asked the folks at Crockett & Jones to take a look as...
Are these Walthams not GY welted? http://www.dsw.com/shoe/ralph+lauren+collection+waltham+leather+oxford?prodId=286846&category=dsw12cat1780036&brand=dsw12brand17500010&isBrand=y&categoryName=men&activeCats=men,dsw12brand17500010&productRef=quickAddToBagFormTab I got em and great that they are E width, but the sole seems so thin. Anyone have any idea?
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