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1. I really love Cucinelli. Style is pretty classic. My pieces always get very positive comments from others that they look luxurious. I have focused most of my purchases on cashmere. 2. These type of items go on sale all the time especially when they are that overpriced. 3. Even at full price, you can find comparable items much less.
ThanksHere's hoping for some 7Fs!
Any teasers? Sizes? Any F widths?
ummm, wow.
Those boots are pretty hot.
Paget is EG
Boy, it really does depend sometimes but in general, I find the dark brown museum to be pretty dark but not enough to be mistaken as black. It just does not have the clear antiquing effect of lighter browns, like Parisian, chestnut or bracken. More subtle. Depends on what you like.
JL Plum museum is a stunning color in person. Subtle yet has personality. The color I really want next.
If these were 6.5EE, I'd be all over them.
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