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Boy, it really does depend sometimes but in general, I find the dark brown museum to be pretty dark but not enough to be mistaken as black. It just does not have the clear antiquing effect of lighter browns, like Parisian, chestnut or bracken. More subtle. Depends on what you like.
JL Plum museum is a stunning color in person. Subtle yet has personality. The color I really want next.
If these were 6.5EE, I'd be all over them.
All, Starting to move some Lobbs I've collected and haven't worn or just don't wear. A number of brand new in box. Size ranges UK 7E-10E. Hopefully they all find a nice home. Some photos below. http://www.styleforum.net/t/370519/huge-closet-cleaning-john-lobb-extravanga-size-uk-7e-10e
Folks, Cleaning out my closet and a few G&Gs that didn't make the exact "fit" cut for me. Let me know if interested. Love all three but realizing I really should be wearing 7F sizing. http://www.styleforum.net/t/370523/gaziano-girling-paul-smith-lidfort-uk-7-5-8-huge-closet-cleaning-part-ii
They had some and along with sunglasses were usually around full price.
Ah, sizes.On the cream, it has just been my experience that it imparts color into the shoe. So especially for lighter shoes but in black also, the lighter patches from museum and misty calf "catch up" in darkness, thus reducing the contrast I really love in museum/misty calf. Ultimately, it's a matter of taste. i know some who ended up hating the cloudiness of black museum and were happy to reduce the effects.
In my experience with museum and misty, using neutral helps maintain the antiquing/cloudiness best. If you use black cream and wax, you definitely lose some of the cloudiness.
I do have a Phillip II and others on sale if you're still looking for Lobbs. Not sure what your size is:http://www.styleforum.net/t/370519/huge-closet-cleaning-john-lobb-extravanga-size-uk-7e-10e
New Posts  All Forums: