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The sole is different. G&G vs EG, I would guess.
I have no direct experience with bracken but parisian museum is stunning over time. I would think bracken would develop nicely over time.
Huge fan of bracken misty calf. Just love misty/museum in lighter browns.
Nice kicks. They had a ton of interesting things on sale. Just nothing in my size.
Nice! If only there were 7Fs, I'd be all in.
In terms of snugness, from most snug to more roomy in my experience8695 -> 7000 -> 8000
Nice find. Got one of these for my partner with trees for
pretty damn cool
1. I really love Cucinelli. Style is pretty classic. My pieces always get very positive comments from others that they look luxurious. I have focused most of my purchases on cashmere. 2. These type of items go on sale all the time especially when they are that overpriced. 3. Even at full price, you can find comparable items much less.
ThanksHere's hoping for some 7Fs!
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