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Parisian is lighter than dark brown. You can see Parisian Misty Calf on the Lobb site: museum, I find the lighter Parisian brings out the antiquing/mottling more.
Parisian brown or dark brown or ???With shoes, brown means so many things. Will say I LOVE Parisian brown museum. Possibly my favorite shoe leather/color combo.
Anyone interested in these BNIB with trees Keeble loafers, please let me know. Great looking unlined loafer in 9/9.5 D. Because they're unlined they don't seem as narrow as a typical EG D width. PM me if interested.
If I pull the trigger, how do I pay?
Crossing my fingers for US 7.5 wides being in the shipment!
I think you're right to focus on fit. There's not point in buying a really nice shoe that you end up not wearing b/c they don't fit. I've done that and slowly have unloaded a bunch of shoes over the last year, really, really nice pairs too. All else being equal, I love the Lobb Beckett. Just a beautiful shoe. I have them in green misty.
Add another who thought it was plum museum.
Getting a Phillip II that actually fits is one of my grail shoes. What color are these?
Not lasted in my experience. Same across the board except for size and only by whole sizes.Took a real close look at these but couldn't justify another pair in green misty with the Becketts just purchased last year. Lovely shoes.
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