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Add another who thought it was plum museum.
Getting a Phillip II that actually fits is one of my grail shoes. What color are these?
Not lasted in my experience. Same across the board except for size and only by whole sizes.Took a real close look at these but couldn't justify another pair in green misty with the Becketts just purchased last year. Lovely shoes.
In my experience RL G&G and EG run narrow b/c they often order D width which in the UK is narrow. Not sure why they do that. Talked to the folks at EG in London and they don't get it either.
The sole is different. G&G vs EG, I would guess.
I have no direct experience with bracken but parisian museum is stunning over time. I would think bracken would develop nicely over time.
Huge fan of bracken misty calf. Just love misty/museum in lighter browns.
Nice kicks. They had a ton of interesting things on sale. Just nothing in my size.
Nice! If only there were 7Fs, I'd be all in.
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