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NICE! Wish there were the right sizes b/c I'd be all over this.
Parisian is lighter than dark brown. You can see Parisian Misty Calf on the Lobb site: http://www.johnlobb.com/us/becketts-1In museum, I find the lighter Parisian brings out the antiquing/mottling more.
Parisian brown or dark brown or ???With shoes, brown means so many things. Will say I LOVE Parisian brown museum. Possibly my favorite shoe leather/color combo.
Anyone interested in these BNIB with trees Keeble loafers, please let me know. Great looking unlined loafer in 9/9.5 D. Because they're unlined they don't seem as narrow as a typical EG D width. PM me if interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/370519/added-new-edward-green-loafer-john-lobb-size-8-5-9
If I pull the trigger, how do I pay?
Crossing my fingers for US 7.5 wides being in the shipment!
I think you're right to focus on fit. There's not point in buying a really nice shoe that you end up not wearing b/c they don't fit. I've done that and slowly have unloaded a bunch of shoes over the last year, really, really nice pairs too. All else being equal, I love the Lobb Beckett. Just a beautiful shoe. I have them in green misty.
Add another who thought it was plum museum.
Getting a Phillip II that actually fits is one of my grail shoes. What color are these?
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