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I know that was the case previously, but now the shoes say Made in Italy, so figured it's not longer Trickers.
Anyone know who produces BC's shoes now?
Same as U
My partner picked these up while we were in Budapest a few days ago. Apologies for the low quality but wanted to rush these up for those wondering about how these look in real life. These are on the new SP last. The staff at the store basically called it the U last the whole time. The toe is definitely pronounced. I'm guessing some folks won't like the "snout." I think they're quite sharp looking shoes.
If these were 6.5, I'd grab these so fast!
Just came from Vass store. U last oxford in museum was 155,000 HUF P2 derby in regular calf was $135,000 HUF U last derby in ostrich was 270,000 HUF U last derby in croc was 390,000
I'll be able to answer this definitively very soon. Will be visiting Vass in Budapest next week. More than likely will need to do some MTOs.
Love the color but boy, I have some gold museum from Lobb and they are completely different. Much lighter.
I'm visiting Europe next week and will be in Budapest for a few days. Planning to visit the Vass store. Hoping to get a few paris of shoes but had a question. Does anyone know if they stock wide shoes? I can be a challenging fit and a standard width won't cut it. Any other advice or thoughts from folks would also be most appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks! Great find and grabbed a few for family as gifts!
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