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Black shoes first. Brown shoes second. And third. And fourth.
Black shirt is a horrible idea. White shirt, and then a vest if you like.
Yeah, she couldn't be any wronger if she tried.
I couldn't agree more.
Looks great. Grab it, or I will.
Oh, absolutely, I love Theo and I'm so happy to see him doing so well upfront. I had only meant to highlight the last three big ticket purchases and how essential their contribution was, and that wenger shouldn't be afraid to buy more players. I'm absolutely gutted we didn't get Martial.
That's why I don't care if we get dumped out. They've got spare cash and they're not even spending it. The rest will do our players more good than having more unspent cash in the bank. Loved watching Cech, Özil and Sanchez working their magic yesterday! COYG!
How about 4 in the last 2 then? Sounds better when the numbers are correct. And I'll be happy if we don't make it out of the CL. More rest for the players so we can have a go at the league.
Don't buy them.
Me too. She's wrong. You're right.
New Posts  All Forums: