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Is there a Danish or otherwise Scandinavian version of Debrett's in terms of etiquette guides?
@Butler , what or who is the arbiter in such matters for Scandinavia? If I recall correctly, you have ties to Denmark I believe. Could you clarify Bounder's mistaken assertion? I am sincerely curious and would appreciate your insights.
How fantastically serendipitous! Ordered!
Yes, the darker pair is better.
Yes, wear a black cummerbund. It makes for a more elegant look covering the waistband of your trousers and elongating the torso.
Navy? Not midnight blue?
I have my Seven SF Samurai, and Claghorn is one of them.
Ditto. I wear mine 90% of the time.
Greatest post ever. College was great.
I believe a small red or white carnation or blue cornflower in your boutonnière would look very nice indeed.
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