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Basically, that's just playing with dolls on a larger scale. Slightly creepy. Or, as they say In the 80s movie Mannequin, "You are one sick puppy.".
I love my Barbours, but I'd never wear them with a suit, regardless of length.
Only if you want.
I'd say you should definitely have both! A grey suit and a tuxedo are both wonderful to have. 1 o'clock start time means you have quite a few hours of sunlight for the suit to be a must. If the wedding were to take place an hour before sunset (6 o'clock in Kenya), I'd say you could get away with only wearing the tuxedo.Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Is the bride Kenyan? What will her wedding dress look like? Traditional, or white?PS. Oh yeah, and definitely get...
Neutral is always a good answer.
Boxy is bad, but so is too tight.
If it's a bright sunny day, all those are fair game, as long as, of course, it's warm enough for you as well.
How do we go about getting the Cosmos invited to the Emirates Cup in London? I'd love to see them play the Arsenal.
Jack Wilshere, gotta love the lad!!!
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