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That sounds like utter nonsense to me.
The Great Wave is one of my all-time favourite works of art. I have that square as well, and wear it far more than any other. I just love love love it.
Awww, heck no.Aww, hell yes!
With your permission, I'll be using that reply often in future!
I NEED these socks![/quote]
Will you need a suit at work? Regardless, you do need brown shoes. Get a pair pronto. You can't go to work every day in the same black shoes and same blue suit.How old and where are you?
Upgrade your shoes first. Black shoes looks terrible with khakis. Get those walnut or burgundy wingtip AEs pronto. You don't need two pairs of casual shoes.
Suit looks fine. Trousers might be too long, but can't really tell because you're not wearing shoes.
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