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Granted, I don't know your complexion (Black, brown, tan or pasty), but black clothing is rarely a good choice in the daytime. Countless shades of blue, grey or tan would be better.
Whoever has 30 jackets in their closets most likely either has serious quantities of cash, or has a lot of crap jackets.
You speak the truth. Allow me to make amends by offering a recommendation or two.1. The jeans appear to be a yard too long. Cut them in half and continue wearing as before. Or leave them that length and wear them unrolled thereby protecting your unshod feet while indoors.2. Take off those shoes, hide them in a hole, cover up the hole, and put on better shoes. Those shoes are a legitimate reason to go without shoes as often as you claim to do.I didn't judge you, I...
[/quote] I don't know a gentle way to say this, so I won't try. This is horrible. Those shoes. Those jeans. I just can't even.
No black please. And certainly not in the daytime.
FWIW, I hear mixed things on evolution too, but I ignore those people.
One pink, one chambray.
I'm exactly the opposite actually. I almost always give gifts which are transient by nature, nothing long lasting. For various reasons, but also so that any gift which isn't well received doesn't then have to be cared for or looked at for years to come. And actually, I don't know either the groom or the bride, so it's not going to be easy to decide on a gift.
Just found out he is indeed a smoker, so edited my original post. I agree perfume is a personal preference, but I've never met a woman who didn't like a bottle of luxury perfume.
I find not telling people how much I paid for almost anything is a better policy.
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