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They know it too.
Lovely wheels. Raleigh Superbe Tourist with Sturmey Archer 3-speed I venture? Just lovely.
Hahahahahahaha. Really? Somehow? You beat our B team in a friendly. Wouldn't have mattered if it were 9-0.
Very nice, but quite dear.
As good a reason for divorce as any!
Don't get him that. It's ugly. The fact that you wondering which buttons to pull off means it's no good to begin with.Get him one of the one-button tuxes. The shawl or peak would be best.
A nervy win, but wel'll take it. 1 nil, to the Arsenal!
The nicest, shiniest, simplest ones you can afford. You need a nice pair of simple black lace ups anyway in life.
Highly recommend the U shaped vest. I love mine.
Your dinner suit sounds great. Go with that. Have fun!
New Posts  All Forums: