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Make sure your shoes are darker than your trousers.
Wear a suit for the day and shower and change for the he evening. Always.
And now I can say I really like the cream itself. Great shave!
Yes, your current shirt and shoes will be fine. Take the money you're saving and put it towards when you purchase your own tuxedo.
I just picked the jar today. Been using Old Taylor's the last few years and love it, but I thought I'd give the Pengaligon's Blenheim Bouquet a try. And I really like the jar.
Your optimism is inspiring.
Wenger just throwing cash around this summer like a mob boss in Vegas. Spend baby, spend!
Just finished waxing my jacket for the first time ever. Using a small sponge worked much better than a cotton cloth as the cloth seemed to absorb more thorn oil than it spread.
Steinhart looks nice too.
Yeah, you've just totally convinced me to get a brown suit!
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