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Just write it off as lost in the mail and forget about them. Then when they show up you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Fixed that for you.
No.I think that tie looks great. So would a black knit.
If it doesn't fit right, neither the label nor price will matter in the slightest.
In theory yes, but in practice it will be prohibitively expensive and most likely still won't look right. Learn from our mistakes and don't do it.
Only one way to know for sure! Throw it on and let's see. Nullius in verba
He had been gracious enough to keep it under wraps so that we ugly bastards wouldn't wallow in self-loathing. But obviously he's had enough of that!! Jerk.
That jacket looks outstanding on you.
Like a sir!
Call me weird, but I love shaving. Then again, I also love ironing my shirts. Right then, I'm a certified freak.
New Posts  All Forums: