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Oh, I am all about this outfit. I need deets on that tie and jacket!
Lovely suit. Is that what's referred to as bird's eye weave?
Could've just undone one more button.
Have I already mentioned how much I love that tie?
I'm gonna have to cop that jacket.
Damn you have some serious style! I'm a fan.
I think it's lovely and would look great in a blue, grey, cream or brown jacket. And that's basically any jacket. Grab that square if you haven't already.
I think it's lovely.
Is it a daytime or nighttime wedding? Church, townhall or farmhouse? Does the invitiation state the dresscode? We need more info.
Basically, that's just playing with dolls on a larger scale. Slightly creepy. Or, as they say In the 80s movie Mannequin, "You are one sick puppy.".
New Posts  All Forums: