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My wallet is from Singapore. My desert boots are from Lisbon. My corkscrew is from Madrid. My hammock is from Rio de Janeiro. My trainers are from Cairo. My coffee tin and cups are from Zanzibar. My gloves are from Milan. My belt is from New York. My ps is from the Charvet shop in Paris. My tweed jacket is from Cheltenham. I avoid souvenirs per se, but I do love to buy everyday things while away on a trip so that I can reminisce on a daily basis.
The cuffs are quite big and come a bit far down the hand mein Herr. [[SPOILER]]
Bayern looks to be a contender? Really? Don't tell me the sun is warm too! The league is Bayern's every year. It's horribly boring and predictable, only made worse by the fact that I can't stand them. Ugh.
Get over yourself.
Yes, brown suede shoes are in my future.
This is amazing. Could we have some details and even more close ups? I want that suit.
How about a close up of the lovely timepiece?
I was just wondering if those beautiful tie pins have gone out yet. I'm really looking forward to mine.
Grey will be great too.
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