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DWFII, Very nice bench, a long time i haven't seen one like this. Most i see have the working space rounded like the ones for jewellers and are far lower in order for the cordwainer to easier bend over his work and thus have more power when stitchinfg. And DWFII, i haven't been around for an eternity, but will soon come up with a new pair of Delos'. And speaking of him, you once said something about you wanting him to show you how he works and share with you his skills....
Sorry I was anticipating, actual price starts at 3'000 euros.Adrian
First price is 3'000 euros for a pair with leather soles
I am very happy to see those shoe pictures here. And DWFII, I'll make sure that he gets your compliments.... Adrian
I would agree not to ask the price if they were still following the rule that a good client has a tab open and that it is considered inappropriate to ask this client to close the tab.... Adrian
Looks like sting-ray to me. Adrian
What a pleasure to find such informative and interesting threads. Many thanks jefferyd. Adrian
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Adrian, so you are saying that your technical competence is as low as mine? Lets put it this way, I am far from being able to do what Hervé does. But having seen Anthony create a last from zilch for me and seen Hervé working on trees and talked with both for some long hours I would say that my technical competence is non-existent but that my knowledge about shoe-trees is above any lambda human...
Just to add my two cents, Hervé usually makes a last by hand, if not made by the shoe-maker. Anthony is also trained as a last maker, thus he does them himself. The shoe-trees are made on the basis of the last, partly by hand and partly by machine. But every shoe-tree is made in an artisanal way and thanks to this one ends up with shoe-trees that are different from one foot to the other and respecting your feet specificities. To imagine that they are cheap to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm look too nice to be Cheaneys. carry on Yes, I know, but since the Church cousins have taken over, there is some revival... Check their site, the brochure on page 12. Adrian
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