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I didn't get a chance to make it there. As well, I also ordered a new suit from Thick as Thieves and from a local spot (IM Label). TAT hasn't arrived yet, but the IM Label did; fits well, so far I think it was worth the money
I did a search and didn't see it posted anywhere. Got this in an email today Link here I haven't checked it out, but maybe someone who has can chime in. Cut and paste: made to measure event Saturday September 24 - Sunday October 9 For a limited time only! Holt Renfrew Private Label Made to Measure suits, $795*† Experience the luxury of personalization with our very special offers in Holt Renfrew Private Label Made to Measure and Designer Made to Measure suits. Our...
Cash, amount depends on my relationship with the couple I've given stuff on the registry His/Her towels (along with cash)
Are there any Red Wing boots that would work with dress pants? I haven't seen the GT's or IR's up close, but they look like they may work with dress pants (but then again, maybe not). They definitely look good with jeans, but dress pants? Is that a stretch? The IR's look like they have a thin sole and they may work.
BBA - Wilfrid Laurier University MLIS - McGill University
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek This is fine if you have significant assets going in to the marriage, but if the bulk of your assets were earned after you got married, then you are screwed. Most people marry relatively young, so the man usually gets screwed because he's typically the highest earner and ends up paying for everything even though the kids get to live with the mother. I think I read that the average divorced man will lose 70% of his net...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chaos P. Bennu if it's included i usually don't add more unless it was extraordinary service ... +1
I dig that cucumber soda If only everyone had that passion when they came to work/fun everyday
+1 for Yoga And apparently it's true that flexibility is a genetic thing.
coreshorts they have three different levels, helps with groin/hip issues I won't play ice hockey without them anymore
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