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Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Of course you all know that no one came out of this looking good--not Nick, not the OP, and especially not the numerous individuals circling patiently above or already gnawing at the bones below. After reading the thread in one straight shot, this is what I was going to post. Except to add that OP is some anonymous guy, Nick is not, and the consequences of the thread will linger with his reputation for better or...
I have the Strands in walnut. I love them, and they may be my favorite pair of shoes.
The 256 is a little snug for my 15" Macbook Pro in a sleeve. I think the 257 may have been a better choice, in retrospect.
Last night celebrating our 19th anniversary, a 2007 Aubert UV Vineyard Pinot Noir. Ready now , but will likely be good for another 8-10 years. Luscious fruit, with a little acid at the back end to balance.
New member here. Reading through the (new to me) thread, with more than a few laughs, the wife asks me what I am reading. I tell her about the OP, and what I should do if that happened to her. She said she would have handled it herself. If he apologized, end of story. If he was a shithead, then by applying a great deal of sudden sharp pressure to the guy's scrotal region. And I don't doubt her one bit. She can be feisty. Then we'd get home and she'd fuck my...
Expensive week for me. Screagle allocation, and 11 Aubert chards. Sucks when both mailers come together.
Before someone else beats you to the punch. That she will be on the rebound is not automatic, and you may not get another at-bat. As with all matters of the heart, YMMV, but from experience, I wouldn't take the chance.
Ride it for all it's worth. You're in deep now, so unless you have any inkling that she's "The One" (and the odds are against you on that) you need an A-1 exit strategy, stat. Once you have that planned, keep screwing her brains out. Exit strategy?: Acting clingy, possessive and jealous always worked for me. It has to be her idea. How old are the two of you anyway? There may be a different plan based on that.
I like Campbells Cream of Mushroom, preferably with bread broken up into it. Also, their Old-Fashioned Tomato Rice brings back childhood memories, but it's not so easy to find any more.
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