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The Navy Shell boots have a very thin material in the toe box. It's something we've only begun to use recently. It preserves the shape of the last, but it no where near as bulky as typical toe box material. It's soft enough that you can press it down with your thumb, but it pops right back into place. The Colour 8 CXL boots are entirely unstructured in the toe.
This is so far from the truth i don't even know where to begin. 10% would hardly cover the internal materials on any of our boots.
I'm pretty sure i only ever said "around $1000" or "just over $1000", but if i mislead anyone i apologize. Technically speaking this boot should have been a bit more than the Black version because of the lining.It's definitely more obviously blue in natural light. It's a very wearable colour.The studio lighting tends to be a little flat and i try not to alter the colour of the product shots for consistency's sake. The photo on the homepage and in this thread is the...
Unfortunately, no. The boots on workboot.com don't usually cross over with the offerings on viberg.com, the hiker being the eventual exception. The 68 currently available represents a sort of base cost on that model in regards to material choice. Versions to be released on viberg.com will likely use different leather, outsoles, hardware, etc. and the price will reflect that. Functionally speaking all of our boots are built with the same production methods, so if you're...
We will be putting some hikers (66 and 68) on Viberg.com this Fall and they definitely will not cost that much. I assume that would have been the price quoted for a single pair custom order. Shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss further.
It's on the 2030 last. 10 blind eyelets. Fully lined in English Kip (first time we have offered a fully lined shell boot). Brogue Toe Cap. Dainite Sole. Natural Midsole. The toe box has a very thin material in it that is a nice midway between our structured and unstructured boots. It will maintain the shape of the last without interrupting any of the natural lines. It's soft enough that you can push it down with your thumb but it will bounce back into place. It's...
Here is a shot of our upcoming Service Boot in Navy Shell Cordovan. They will be available for preorder on Viberg.com as of Jan. 10. Price will be around $1000 and there will be 15 pairs total being offered. Estimated ship date is late March.
Definitely more Country Derby Boots coming this year. We invested a ton of research and development into that pattern and we're really happy with how it turned out. One of our original samples was in calf and it looked great, so i'm sure we'll offer something like that at some point.Yeah, both the chukka and the service boot are on the 2030.That's more of an issue with the 110 last rather than the chukka itself. The 110 is a workboot last and is meant to accommodate...
Here is a look at the Chukka in Midnight Reverse Kudu and the Service Boot in Natural Essex. Both will be available online tomorrow at noon.
They go up on Monday! They'll be available at noon along with a Chukka in Midnight Kudu.
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