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This Service Boot in Brown French Calf will be available on viberg.com this coming Monday at Noon (PST). It's a plain toe variation with 10 dull brass eyelets, a Dainite heel and a leather sole. It's on our new 1035 last which is has a shallow profile, similar to the 2030, but with a rounder, more forgiving, toe shape. It should be a great fit for most people. Also, I can confirm at least two more Shell releases this year, possibly three. Details on the first will...
I've emailed Tyler and we're happy to resole his boots. We've actually been using Itshide longer than Dainite and all of our Commando soles come from them as well. We have never, ever, not even once had a pair come back with an issue. That being said it's totally possible there was a quality issue with this particular sole, it's also possible that this could have happened on any sole from any brand. We send soles back to Vibram, Dainite and Meramec pretty regularly...
Ah, sorry i meant to get back to you about this. To be honest, i don't own a single set of shoe trees and i never have. We've done some preliminary research on manufacturing our own, but it doesn't seem particularly cost effective especially considering how many unique lasts we have. We'll definitely keep exploring this option though and i'll keep you guys in the loop. I've heard from some customers that Alden's shoe tree worked alright in the 2030 and i believe last...
Hey everyone,Apologies for the lack of replies recently. We've been on the road in Japan for the last two weeks and are just catching up on things now. I'm still getting back to emails as well, so if you haven't heard anything from us expect a response today or tomorrow.Partially structured is our way of referring to a different toe box material. A "structured toe" refers to a typical toe box material like what you would find in something like Red Wing. It's quite...
Took a little longer than planned, but the Boondocker is back in stock on viberg.com.
Not quite. The Brown CXL will hopefully go up on Friday and then the Boondocker will follow either over the weekend or on Monday.
It's a black calfskin from Guidi with a sort of "dusted" finish and a slightly tumbled texture. It's really nice. Same leather as the derby shoe we just posted on Instagram.
The Service Boot in Derby Brown Nut will be available tomorrow at noon on viberg.com. It's plain toe on the 2040 last with a commando sole. Price is $680 (USD). This is a really nice casual brown boot. The leather has a ton of character and will age beautifully. It's a great option for those who don't like the way CXL creases and scratches so easily.
These will be available on Viberg.com in a couple of months and there are a few stockists who have ordered very similar builds that will be available around the same time.
We won't be offering one any time soon, but that's exactly what Leffot had and i'm assuming they will restock at some point.Yeah, that's a confusing one. They basically ordered an Icy Mocha Service Boot w/ Boondocker specs. Not technically the Boondocker, but i can see why they called it that.
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