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Up for grabs is a brand new Falcon Garments MA-1 stock size 49 in black lambskin with gunmetal hardware. This jacket is gorgeous, but unfortunately the arms are a little tight for me and I should have gone MTM. So, I'm looking to take a small loss on this one and re-order a MTM. Skip the wait times and get your new MA-1 this week at less than the retail price!
pm'ed you yesterday. not just interested, i def want them...
PM sent on the baker
pm sent
hi, could i get a sleeve length on the flannel plz? thx.
pm-ed you.
hello? still havent heard back but still interested
RRL definitely does phone orders. I just ordered something from the nolita store yesterday. $15 flat rate shipping i was told. and if they dont have the item in store they will find it and get it shipped to you. Excellent customer service i must say.
i'll take a large please. pm your paypal info
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