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A million dollars? Definitely, that is quite smalltime these days. Great idea if they can execute. In-n-Out only sells burgers and fries and they sometimes have lines an hour long in the drive thru.
Definitely. The road I use to commute it work has practically no traffic and last year I never saw any cops. Now, every few weeks they line up behind overpasses and pick people off for speeding round robin. I also see people getting pulled over in the middle of the night. A few weeks ago, I had a cop flip a bitch in the middle of the freeway to pull me over for doing 80 in a 65. Either there are more cops, or they have finally started enforcing the laws [selectively].
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Where is this?
Amex all the way. You can open a dispute online and it resolves itself in a few weeks without any other interaction. With Citi they require lots of documentation that I don't have time to fuss with. I did have a problem with Amex once and that was at a restaurant where I think they ran my bill twice and didn't require a signature. Since the restaurant was an Amex preferred vendor, they took priority over me. Since Discover is now on the MC network, I've used them as...
I think a better conspiracy theory would be not whether "if" he died, but "when" he died.
What happens to the seawater they are pumping in? Will it turn radioactive and be released out into the Pacific?
Tokyo radiation levels are still at baseline (at the time of this posting), which is always good to see. Note that this image auto updates so it will change over time and should always be current. It is from here (http://park18.wakwak.com/~weather/geiger_index.html)
To anyone who can easily leave Japan, I would definitely try to leave while it's not hectic. There is now a fourth fire and reactor No. 2 may be leaking. http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2011/03/78063.html This site links to two live-streaming geiger counters that appear to be run by hobbyists in their home. One shows normal levels, while the other has increased sharply (though still not dangerous) in the last few...
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz lol? pretty sure "accurate" and "thorough" EA is 99.9% bullshit in the best of times. Don't expect it from the power company at least. The only thing that has been proven here so far is Murphy's Law.
Another article on what's going on with Fukushima. http://theenergycollective.com/barry...te-explanation Check out the comments too. I hope we can get an accurate and thorough environmental assessment once this is all over.
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