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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Where is this?
Amex all the way. You can open a dispute online and it resolves itself in a few weeks without any other interaction. With Citi they require lots of documentation that I don't have time to fuss with. I did have a problem with Amex once and that was at a restaurant where I think they ran my bill twice and didn't require a signature. Since the restaurant was an Amex preferred vendor, they took priority over me. Since Discover is now on the MC network, I've used them as...
Looking for an every day, light, casual jacket. Was thinking about the Trapper http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/o...7001/37001.jsp or the Cadet http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/o...2993/22993.jsp Would you guys recommend either? which one? I'm also keeping my eyes peeled on eBay for vintage field jackets. As a cheap alternative, I see this at Target http://www.target.com/Converse-One-S...i_detailbutton
White vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray wherever you need to. Then let it air dry outside.
Chicago, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sacramento, and probably a few others make no sense being on that list.
Went to put on a tie, only to discover moths had been enjoying it first.
I think color affects the mood in a surrounding more than anything. McMansions are often painted with a flat, neutral color paint like beige (scuze me: cafe cream mocha espresso) walls, beige carpet and a white ceiling. The white ceiling makes the eye stop at the top of the walls and you really feel like you are in a defined box. How depressing, not to mention the flat paint gets dirty quickly. Taking out the carpet, painting the walls and ceiling in an eggshell or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Finally a sane post. Well done. Does the cement board in your neighborhood have a smooth or faux "rough sawn colonial" woodgrain surface? As an interesting side note, while my house was under construction, some kids accidentally lit my backyard on fire on the 4th of July while I wasn't there. FD stopped it about 4 ft from my house..
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I can find an excellent cabinet maker who is within a stones throw of my location, but he doesnt work for the same price that a typical framer works for. Materials on the other hand, it depends. I've found a great deal of nice materials online, but you have to know what you are looking for and read through the BS. Most people just dont care enough to spend 3X the cost and most builders want to maximize their...
Quality issues aside, the biggest problem with McMansions is that they are trying to be something they aren't. They take all these different cool features from other eras and then jumble them together with unskilled workers who can't possibly come close to recreating the original detail. They are the hipsters of the architectural world. Not justifying anything, but quality materials are incredibly difficult to find, and finding the labor or workmanship to apply the...
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