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How so, are you having trouble with ties or pents?
Drapers silk and summer linen
Manic Monday!
Did you ask to make them longer?
Lets hope you guys aren't wearing the same outfits at the next Stylefo/NMWA meet up
LL Piuma is pretty legit.
Is this the standard length for most italian jackets or by request?
I usually just look through whatever my tailor has and then think about the look I want for each garment. For anything summer you can't go wrong with drapers. For winter, I'm all over the place but you will find some good stuff in the porter & harding glen royal book. The purple swatch is from the Dormeuil Cashmere club.Glen Royal:
Sweet!!! How old is Dionisio, and how long do you foresee him traveling back and fourth to the states?Next year or so, after I get the houndstooth made up.
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