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What points are you looking for in a tailor, and what points in rtw do you look for? Why not bring the rtw jacket with you to a tailor to show him what you are looking for?
Do you guys have enough clothes or what?
Butler, I get excited every time you post a picture. Great taste.
What fabric books do you guys use for odd trousers? I want to use Dugdale Bros. English Classics & Town Classics hopsack, twill, and sharkskin.
He's a nice guy, and will make sure everything thing is right. He made the comment that his product is just as good as regular bespoke houses, and probably the reason why he uses the word custom. I never asked if it was made by Greenfield but one can assume. The jacket is union made, but the buttonholes for the jacket are made by someone else. It's a beautiful product and will use them again. For now I would like to support the real artisans.
I am very pleased with how the product turned out and will use them for certain commissions. The jacket that was made is as close as you can get to bespoke for a jacket made in a factory. The chest and lapels are padded by hand. The pants aren't necessarily bespoke and are pretty much done at the basted fitting. I was a bit disappointed when my first suit had really high wasted trouser that were already finished at the initial fitting. This was something I did not ask...
Harrison Oyster has some nice fabrics I just commissioned a pinstripe from the book. (75739)
What is difference between 11 oz and 13 oz for a work horse suit? Wouldn't you want to go as heavy as possible in terms of the suit lasting a long time? I thought you were suppose to buy suits in terms of fabric types for the season.
Fair enough, can you wear mohair suits all year round?
He needs more lapel.
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