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Structured shoulders that are well tailored can be quite flattering.  I have mixed feelings about soft tailoring after searching these threads looking for answers.  
Did you stop working out because you thought it would change your posture or the added muscle mass? Isn't that what the drape is for as well as the seam allowances?
Why so many tailors?
You sir are quite stylish. However, I've lurked these forums for years slowly gathering information and can honestly say that the majority of the members buy too much clothing. I've been studying certain styles and "bespoke stylist" for the past 4 years trying to figure out why some tailors don't do their clients any justice. After jumping into the fray and using a "bespoke stylist" I can finally say I get it. Most customers don't know what they want so in most cases...
Which makes me wonder, why do you guys buy so many outfits? Are you able to give your customers a better assessment of how certain cloths hold up over time? .
The suits are made offsite, but the fittings take place in the store.
Go Cream!!!
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