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Thanks for posting.
Thanks for the heads up can you take a picture of the bolt?
What's the ETA on those cream flannels?
Can anybody give me an honest assessment of the london lounge mistral fabric. I have a bolt of mistral and a sample of the merchant fox hopsack. The the mistral has a larger box pattern and is a bit spongy. It seems like it will be prone to snags. The merchant fox sample has a smaller box weave and a crisper hand. It seems less likely to snag when I run my fingernail over the cloth. Can anyone help?
W bill 30072
I have a dark complexion that color wont work. How do I know, I have a black and brown large houndstooth cashmere sweater. Sweater is awesome but does nothing for my skin tone.I am considering this or a purple tweed for my next commission.
Nonsense, I think the jacket works fine in most cases for every day work wear. I believe its more about you as an individual and what you feel comfortable wearing. In most cases most people in my office won't wear a suit unless there is a big meeting with one of our customers. I guess I'm a little different and want to get my money's worth if I'm paying bespoke prices for a suit or sports coat.The checks on my suit are some what loud but I wear it regardless of what...
I disagree with this statement. I have 3 piece checked flannel suit that I wear to work all the time.
Looks good, I was thinking of doing a purple donegal jacket. I caught a bunch of grief in the 'unfunded liabilities' thread.
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