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Thank You.
Does anyone know if these are common fabrics being sold by The Armoury and would Patrizio have these in stock at a lower price point?
What is the ideal weight for cloth now of days (flannel or worsted)?Yes, I've been messing around with shorter length coats after seeing some of the shorter Italian jackets. I noticed that 3r2 and 3 button jackets with jetted pockets can be made a tad shorter than normal two button coats. I sent them a note a while back asking them to make the jacket a 3r2. I hope things work out correctly.
Why not, will you be doing a DB? I prefer a 3 piece when dealing with blue.
He was blatantly rude from the get go which was very off putting. They are a brick and mortar store who's job is to SERVICE customer's. They can't talk to people that way and expect to sell high end shoes to ALL customers.
You can buy samples of zegna linen from www.tessin.it, but it's expensive.
I see no point in going to a store to get measured and then buying somewhere else when they carry the product I want. I made it perfectly known that I wanted to buy some shoes after he told me getting measured was reserved for paying customers.
Sure, I wanted to buy some EG MTO so I went to the store to get measured. I waited until he finished with a customer before speaking up. When I did he became extremely rude and refused me service and told me I wasn't going to buy anything.
Ouch, I had a bad experience at sky valet.
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