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He just shortened the Lord's name in vain.
What's wrong with his pants? The style seems appropriate for his age.
If you re-read any of my post you will see I have never tried to dis-credit you. I was just indicating that the suit you received was MTM, and that in some cases it just doesn't work out. If it had been me I would have refunded your money, however I'm not the owner. I think the made to measure route is a slippery slope when the middle man or factory mess up the order and don't want to take responsibility for the error.Your quest to enlighten readers is noble, but the...
[[SPOILER]] Yikes, I see why you are so pessimistic about things. First of all the fabric you chose seems extremely light and doesn't drape well at all. Second, Orazio Luciano is and has always been made to measure there is only so much they can do to the garment at the price point. Third, they have pictures all over the web of clothes that DO fit well. I think you may have a body type that is a hard fit and made to measure won't serve you well. Before I started...
Anyone familiar with zegna cotton cashmere corduroy for trousers? Is 12 oz too light?
Can a blue shirt and tie (silk twill) be worn to urbanize the rustic tweeds?
Drapers/VBC makes a nice windowpane in a 11/12 oz flannel with a bit of cashmere.
Thank you, I have sample I just wanted input on the quality. I thought all tweed was rustic, what are some urbane tweeds?
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