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It looks like the vox cut will work on anybody who is in good shape. I think its worth asking the question. I'm under the impression that most individuals on here who use multiple tailors are willing to take their tailors house cut at face value. Which is why they jump from tailor to tailor to achieve multiple looks. I'm willing to work with Edwin and Matthew to achieve something that suits my needs.
Also, can changes at the basted fitting be made to alter the shaping of the suit (ie leaner chest that is raised up and less skirt flair)?
I asked Edwin to slim out my new order but I don't think I was able to properly convey what I wanted done. I prefer the Vox Cut which seems a bit racier over the typical house style. I've searched his blog multiple times to see what he has tagged as a Steed original.
Does anybody know what styling Vox gets in his jackets compared to the typical Steed house cut? vs
@dieworkwear Why don't you try some structured British tailoring? I'm under the impression you have enough soft shouldered masterpieces. What will another iteration accomplish?
Going to see Steed on Friday, a purple jacket may be ordered, and @sprout2 what is wrong with pagoda shoulders?
If he came to DC I would have no issue taking the plunge. At the moment I don't have any plans traveling back and forth to Chicago for fittings.
So I was in Chicago for the Fleetwood Mac concert and a little relaxation. I happened to pass by Mr. Despos shop while checking out Oak Street. I most definitely wanted to drop in to say hello, and get measured for a suit. One day.
Almost makes you want to get a purple sports coat......
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