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Tailor narrowed the shoulders too much and now my shoulders stick out.
Has anyone ever been so disappointed with a suit they had it remade in the same fabric by a different maker?
In this case I need it to be brown. The black and white is too overpowering at this size.
David, have you ever made a mohair sport coat?
Thank you, would this look okay as a sport coat?
Does anyone know where this fabric is from?
I'm sure most individuals who post on here have suits turn out that's less than ideal. If I recall correctly that DB was Crompton's first foray into bespoke with Graham Brown. The suits he has made with AS are actually spot on. I wonder if this is due to better tailors being used or Crompton's knowledge growing on what works and what doesn't work for his body.FWIW, my first suit from one of the more famous tailors used by SF in my opinion was less than ideal. We were...
It was the midnight herringbone and it will most likely be late September. I will see if I can get the pictures of the basted fitting from Matthew. It'll be a 3 piece! and I've already purchased some Vanda's for the suit!!!Until then here is a picture from BnT of the fabric.
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