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Will the trench coat be restocked in 38R sometime soon?
Price drop - $70
58 in long, 3.5 in wide, no tag. Worn once. One minor pull. Free shipping.
Tried on but never worn. Retails for $185. Free shipping. Paypal only.
Will this shirt be restocked in 15.5 in the next couple months?
I would typically wear them with suits. I prefer the punch cap over the plain cap but didn't know if the punch was acceptable for interviews, funerals, etc. I assume it is.
Are these acceptable for a 1st pair of black shoes?
Kent Wang has a couple midnight blue tux options.
Any plans to make a tux?
Most BCAA studies don't reflect real world situations for an athlete or bodybuilder. I don't think over the long term BCAAs or WMS will have any substantial difference between protein and any other fast acting carb. Personally, the best gains I've ever had is when I stop taking all supplements and stuck with whole foods for all my meals. I never worried about a pre/post workout shake, just ate my next scheduled meal. Also, a typical weight workout will never deplete...
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