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Quote: Originally Posted by dsbkoko recommend me a nice Harrington style jacket, for someone 5'8", usually wears 38s, smediums I saw some Baracuta slim fit g9s on yoox.com not too long ago for about $150. I'm also a 38 (a few inches taller though) and I could do with another inch or so of length on the g9, so it might be perfect on you. Also Patrick Ervell made a really nice looking one that Bblessing.com was carrying. Not sure about the fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by wallabeing Well sorry, I was considering buying it until I shopped around a little and found out how much cheaper it can cost. I think it's fair to let others know how much this shirt is worth new at US retailers. Since Roden is Canadian I imagine your were a bit screwed by the exchange rate, because it's like 1 USD to 1.15 CAD. I nearly posted the same info from when I went looking for the shirt elsewhere and...
I'm assuming you mean $180 Canadian correct? Beautiful shirt.
Barbour/To-Ki-To coat and that's it. I wouldn't be able to eat till after Christmas if I bought one.
PM sent. Been looking for another g9...
Quote: Originally Posted by wonder.woman Do you think I can live off on US$1800-S$2000/month in NYC?? I'm thinking S$500 for the rent plus the bills (?) A friend of mine lives in Jackson Heights so I'm thinking crashing at his place while looking for something decent. Moving is so so stressful!! I think you have some reading to do. Google "cost of living" and "New York City". Living in Chicago on that kind of money is a stretch.
Do you have any idea how much other shit people have to think about at the end of high school? It's not a big deal. Most of your class will be doing this sort of thing once a week once they're in college so don't sweat it. And hey - look at it this way: you'll never come away from a drunken fuck-up wondering if you're pregnant. The stakes are way lower for guys. Now man up and do it again next weekend.
That's an incredible jacket. A little big, but incredible.
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