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I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this question, but I'm looking for button downs with the similar slim, tapered fit and shorter length of Band of Outsiders minus the sticker shock. I really like what I'm seeing from MJK and Gitman Vintage...anyone else that I should be looking at? Obviously, the cheaper the better. Also does anyone else do that box pleat/darts combo like BoO? I'd imagine a tailor would have no problem doing them, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Since I now work at Walmart..........does anybody have any recommendations for decent-looking sneakers that are comfortable enough to stand and walk in all day? I cosign on Spring Courts being ridiculously comfortable - a slightly cheaper option that I've found are Asics Onitsuka Tiger brand shoes, specifically the Ultimate 81s. Zappos has em for $66.95. Also, yeah, stay away from Converse. I'm breaking in...
Quote: Originally Posted by dsbkoko recommend me a nice Harrington style jacket, for someone 5'8", usually wears 38s, smediums I saw some Baracuta slim fit g9s on yoox.com not too long ago for about $150. I'm also a 38 (a few inches taller though) and I could do with another inch or so of length on the g9, so it might be perfect on you. Also Patrick Ervell made a really nice looking one that Bblessing.com was carrying. Not sure about the fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by wallabeing Well sorry, I was considering buying it until I shopped around a little and found out how much cheaper it can cost. I think it's fair to let others know how much this shirt is worth new at US retailers. Since Roden is Canadian I imagine your were a bit screwed by the exchange rate, because it's like 1 USD to 1.15 CAD. I nearly posted the same info from when I went looking for the shirt elsewhere and...
I'm assuming you mean $180 Canadian correct? Beautiful shirt.
Barbour/To-Ki-To coat and that's it. I wouldn't be able to eat till after Christmas if I bought one.
PM sent. Been looking for another g9...
Quote: Originally Posted by wonder.woman Do you think I can live off on US$1800-S$2000/month in NYC?? I'm thinking S$500 for the rent plus the bills (?) A friend of mine lives in Jackson Heights so I'm thinking crashing at his place while looking for something decent. Moving is so so stressful!! I think you have some reading to do. Google "cost of living" and "New York City". Living in Chicago on that kind of money is a stretch.
Do you have any idea how much other shit people have to think about at the end of high school? It's not a big deal. Most of your class will be doing this sort of thing once a week once they're in college so don't sweat it. And hey - look at it this way: you'll never come away from a drunken fuck-up wondering if you're pregnant. The stakes are way lower for guys. Now man up and do it again next weekend.
That's an incredible jacket. A little big, but incredible.
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