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I just got that plaid BoO shirt in a medium. It's an amazing shirt but I might have to pass on it too for the same reason (haven't even worn it out yet).
The title pretty much says it all...now that they've hit Oi Polloi I figure it's a good time to move on one of these coats but I haven't had any luck finding an American store that will be stocking them. So...any ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER I want to see someone do this well, not some cosplay bullshit but the real deal. I'd want my woman to dress like this (Angel from King of fighters): or this (Crimson from King of Fighters): Blue Mary (King of Fighters) Or Final Fantasy I like how this pornstar (Adrenalynne) is dressed: I wish more girls, not just strippers, would wear leg warmers Sorry dude, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Minkous J.Crew girl would be a 10 after a few Baconators. She's gettin a little twiggy. She'd get it. She too would get it. Generally I'm more about classic girls, but art school ruined me.
Damn - wish I could move on those CPs. I'm stuck til after the 15th at least otherwise I'd cop them for sure. Great stuff.
Band of Outsiders at Filene's Basement?!? Damn I need to start looking harder...
talking about 10 year old hip-hop is boring the shit out of me. I was hoping to laugh at Kanye. We can start here. From the mouth of Yeezy: "Me and my boys had this dinner conversation about what the top brands were and then made a decision to purchase those brands. For watches it was Rolex." Seriously, that's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
might want to move this thread out of the marketplace to somewhere more appropriate.
Sales were going pretty strong here in Chicago
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 updated with pics and some measurements. i'm battling myself on selling the aldens I can imagine...those are sick. I'm battling with myself on whether or not I can afford those CPs...
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