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do a google search for "to ki to" and "a continuous lean" and you'll see the coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody Haha I wouldn't worry too much. You apparently didn't take a look at the prices on that fishing gear. So true.
If you bought this shirt from Context in a Medium (it still doesn't ship for a few weeks): ...and for whatever reason you don't want it, let me know. I will gladly take it off your hands ASAP. Way easier and faster than a return to Context.
Will someone get rid of this thread already?
Not a problem - be prepared for some strange looks buying a $600+ coat from guys trying to sell fishing gear Make sure you get the item number from Barbour's online site (for instance, the horse riding jacket is item A1072) because the Beacon Collection is not listed in their catalogues and that's how they place their orders. Hope it works for out for you.
I found mine already. After talking to Barbour US, they told me that any authorized Barbour dealer - and that includes field and stream/hunting stores - can order them in for you. I've already asked the guys at Orvis here in Chicago to get one of them in for me to try on. Hopefully they don't run as enormous as many of their other coats do.
In my opinion, you don't want to find the type of girl who would talk about what was bothering her enough to cry in public. It sounds callous, but there's a type that would relish that kind of attention and they're quick to latch on. Whatever interaction you do have with a girl in that situation should probably be brief, which is more respectful and less embarrassing for her. Sidenote: This reminds me of a time I took a friend to the emergency room and in the waiting...
After shipping it would have been $128 at the Gilt sale. Awesome shirt.
I just got a chance to try one on at Orvis in Chicago and I can say that they run incredibly large. I was swimming in the 38 and I'm 6' and 165 lbs with fairly broad shoulders (the shoulders were particularly wide in my opinion). If you're much larger and ready to size down (38 is as small as they go), then this is the peacoat for you. It's amazing. Otherwise, you may find that it's entirely too big. In other news, the 09 Barbour Herringbone Challenger jacket is...
any chance of getting some better pics of that second tie? I don't recognize it.
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