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Any chance of posting a fit pic of the BoO shirt? I'm not sure about the F-body shirts and I'm a large in the overdyes and a large or medium in the oxfords. I doubt it'll even be around long enough to take the pic, but it's worth a try
thanks for the heads up. Their website seems to lag behind what they have in-store quite a bit, so I'll definitely be giving them a call.
If I didn't already have that blue one, I'd grab these in a heart beat. They're great shirts.
measurements on the BoO? I'm finding out the hard way how tricky their sizing can be.
That NDG hoody is really great. Wish it were my size. I've been having dreams about that damn BoO plaid you sold in a large. Grrr...should've moved on that quicker.
that's ridiculous. Those prices don't match Oi Polloi's when you convert the currency and I highly doubt they (Oi Polloi) would need or want to slash prices on such sought after coats. Very strange. I'll be interested to see how much they want for the one I ordered. If it tops $700 pre-tax I'm going to scrap the whole idea and get their herringbone challenger which is almost equally sick. Like I'm going to ride a damn horse in that jacket anyway.
do a google search for "to ki to" and "a continuous lean" and you'll see the coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody Haha I wouldn't worry too much. You apparently didn't take a look at the prices on that fishing gear. So true.
If you bought this shirt from Context in a Medium (it still doesn't ship for a few weeks): ...and for whatever reason you don't want it, let me know. I will gladly take it off your hands ASAP. Way easier and faster than a return to Context.
Will someone get rid of this thread already?
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