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Quote: Originally Posted by onion Solution to what? I just asked a simple question. All good. Apologies if I came off irritated. Anyone rabid BoO fans want to chime in on the tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro Whatever it is, it is an ugly tie. That's a little hasty. If you can pull it off you can pull it off, plain and simple...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet If you like it does it matter? I mean you bought it off ebay so either way you didn't pay a princely sum. +1 to onion This is just a matter of curiosity. The quality of the tie is completely fine and there are no repurcussions for the seller at all. Also a thread can be deleted later rather than junking up an existing thread where this may be completely off topic, hence the new thread. It'll be gone by...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartre864 It's authentic. You think so? Any idea as to why the label is so different? I'm really curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion You really thought this needed it's own thread? Really? you know the quick solution would be to not waste your time replying to a thread that you're not interested in. I guess with 2000+ posts in two years I'm telling the wrong person.
So - I bought a Band of Outsider's tie as a Christmas present to myself on ebay. It's my fifth. The seller is reputable, the tie is the right length and the right width for a Band of Outsider's tie...the only differences are: there's no "made in the USA" label on the smaller end of the tie, and the BoO label is WAY different and looks really cheap. So I turn this over to you, Styleforum: is this a fake? If not, what's the deal?
The shirts are gone. It's just the Baracuta jacket now. Tons of interest but no takers as of yet. I can't think of a better jacket to own for Fall and the price is incredible. Time to move on it
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Pls post measurements on the Baracuta as it looks very tapered and very short in the picture Long awaited measurements on the Baracuta: The chest goes from 19" pit to pit to 16" across just above the elasticated part at the bottom so it is fitted. The length is 26", which falls exactly at my waist and I'm about 6'. This coat would be great if you were a 38 and wanted to wear something more cut or a 36 and...
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula that harrington is calling my name. answer the call. Those coats are flawless.
The Achilles are SOLD. Lots of interest on the BoO and Gitman but no takers.
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