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Up for sale is a wardrobe essential that never really fit so I never really wore it: a $160 Steven Alan Reverse-Seam Oxford in blue. Apparently I'm not a small in Steven Alan because this didn't fit, so if you want an incredible shirt for about a third the cost, have at it. Measurements for this are everywhere and it's Styleforum so you probably already own one of these - if you do need measurements though, I'd be happy to take them, just PM me. Thanks for looking!
Up for sale is probably the most versatile Engineered Garments piece I've ever owned. I wore this semi-regularly for a year but my style's kind of changed and sadly I have to sell. It's truly for three-season wear and the details are incredible - branded snap closures, quilted lining, back 'poacher' pocket... If you ride at all, are outdoors a lot or just want a freakishly well-made jacket that will last you forever, then you're in the right place. The Spring version...
For sale is a rarely used pair of Common Projects Desert Boots. I'm really conflicted as to whether or not I want to keep these or sell them, but if I'm being honest they're just not me. That said, they're incredible - everyone should know the quality you're dealing with with Common Projects. Please note that there's a slight scuff on the front right toe and a darker spot on the outer left upper (the texture of suede makes it almost invisible but I thought I should...
I was looking for this forever. If only it was a medium
Is this Prada_Ferragamo's blue batiste from a few weeks ago?
Looking forward to the ebony chambray that I bought. It'll be my first MJK shirt.
Are you sure the Gitman Vintage shirt is 16" in the shoulders? That's incredibly small...I may be interested but I want to be sure it's at least in the same ballpark as my other Gitman shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Solution to what? I just asked a simple question. All good. Apologies if I came off irritated. Anyone rabid BoO fans want to chime in on the tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro Whatever it is, it is an ugly tie. That's a little hasty. If you can pull it off you can pull it off, plain and simple...
New Posts  All Forums: