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For sale is a rarely used pair of Common Projects Desert Boots. I'm really conflicted as to whether or not I want to keep these or sell them, but if I'm being honest they're just not me. That said, they're incredible - everyone should know the quality you're dealing with with Common Projects. Please note that there's a slight scuff on the front right toe and a darker spot on the outer left upper (the texture of suede makes it almost invisible but I thought I should...
I was looking for this forever. If only it was a medium
Is this Prada_Ferragamo's blue batiste from a few weeks ago?
Looking forward to the ebony chambray that I bought. It'll be my first MJK shirt.
Are you sure the Gitman Vintage shirt is 16" in the shoulders? That's incredibly small...I may be interested but I want to be sure it's at least in the same ballpark as my other Gitman shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Solution to what? I just asked a simple question. All good. Apologies if I came off irritated. Anyone rabid BoO fans want to chime in on the tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro Whatever it is, it is an ugly tie. That's a little hasty. If you can pull it off you can pull it off, plain and simple...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet If you like it does it matter? I mean you bought it off ebay so either way you didn't pay a princely sum. +1 to onion This is just a matter of curiosity. The quality of the tie is completely fine and there are no repurcussions for the seller at all. Also a thread can be deleted later rather than junking up an existing thread where this may be completely off topic, hence the new thread. It'll be gone by...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartre864 It's authentic. You think so? Any idea as to why the label is so different? I'm really curious.
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