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Would this inseam length be appropriate for work? I'm usually a 30x30 but I bought pants that were 30x32 and I was thinking maybe shortening it to a 30x30 would be a better idea. The suit itself that I bought is very well fitted but the the pants might be a little too long for my taste.
Looking for some cheap suits. Not really cheap where I sacrifice price for quality but what's the best bang for the buck? A member recommended RLBL; are there any other reputable brands?
Good thing I asked first instead of just going ahead to get one. I'll keep those colors in mind. Not sure what MC and RLBL means.
I'm in need of a suit for a job. I do have a budget but I don't want to be stingy. I'm looking for a slim navy suit. Can anyone help me out?
I just learned something new today. Yea, I'm applying for a position as a Sales Associate. Need some advice please!
Thanks for the thread. I was thinking along the lines of blazer, shirt, jeans, and shoes but I don't know how to execute the look properly. Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex Is this Gap Corp. or just for the store as a S.A.? It's the retail store, if that's what you were wondering. Not sure what S.A. stands for.
I have an interview with Banana Republic this coming Friday and I don't know what to wear. I previously worked at Levi's and their style is completely different from BR's. Seeking helpful advice from previous/current employees and/or fashion gurus. Please help me make a good first impression. Thanks in advance!
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