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Suede are amazing
I guess there a habit you just cant get out of.
Serious question. I think they look vile, dull and boring shoes. I really dont get it??
Looking for something along the lines of a Barbour liddesdale, but a little more fitted. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmy c is there any consensus on the clarks camden locks, a slightly lower top, slightly more pointed take on the desert boot? i think they look quite nice myself: I have a pair of these, they are lovely, slightly more dapper than the trad desert boot. I'd recommend them for sure, also very comfortable.
Water > towel. Be a man ffs!
If you dress well and cant attract women, then its not because of what your wearing.
As title, im in london so you must be willing to ship to the uk. Paypal (verified) waiting. Ref's avalible on request. Thanks for looking.
Worth every penny
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