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You'll love J.P.Melville films then. Try 'Le Samourai' and 'Le Cercle Rouge' to start with then you'll be hooked. Also if you liked Baader have a look at 'Downfall' which is a masterpiece. Enjoy.
Hi, anyone used After a pair of loake savoy's and they are around a not to be sniffed at £25 cheaper than herring etc etc. Any good/bad experencies? Regards, Dan.
Sorry to jack your thread mate, but im after a £150 black brogue recommendation. Something sleek, not to 'clumpy' then again not too fashion foward. Love some help, id think of you when i wore them shoe gurus, cheers!
Thanks for the info.
I see, im looking for a classic trench in a normal size, maybe a blazer? Hopefully everything isnt HUGE size only.
Worth a trip to east london?
Is that underarm to cuff measurement correct? Seems long? Could i have a shoulder to cuff measurement please, Lmk.
Stainless No date sub. Ignore the Rolex haters. All the watch you'll ever need. Go pre owned though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Haruspex I've just scored a nice, if not excessively valuable, vintage navy trench coat from The construction seems sturdy, there's little wear, and the fit is slim, which suits me. My only complaint is the buckle: it's cheap plastic and may not be the original, since its style and surface texture is quite different from the buttons. My question is this: is there an online source for these sorts of simple square...
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