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Hi gang, any tips on how I could improve my posture? I tend to slouch quite alot, infact slouching seems to be my natural posture! I'd like to be more erect (lol) however when I force myself into maintaining a better stance I soon tire and lapse back to my slouchy ways. Any help would be great. Cheers Dan.
Dressing gown with pocket square VSF
Thanks for the replies, i wound'nt feel comfortable with spending the cash on a knoll even if i could afford one. My budget is around $1000 usd, was looking at these- or, which look okay. I need to get down there and see them in the flesh me thinks..
Frankly i cant afford to spend 5k on an knoll version or a vintage piece. Any decent reproductions around for smalltimers? Advice/recommendations welcome. Btw im in the U.K. Thanks.
^can confirm that is correct, but 'invitations' are avalible at the door
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 give us an update when it opens will do, im there everyday
Noticed today that Dunhill are setting up a pop-up shop in Devonshire square in London ec2. Not open yet but very soon by the looks of it. Was there same time last year and was around 70% off.
I feel your pain op. However a ps should be inserted and worn with an air of nonchalance, you should not care (at least you should not be seen to care)
Glad your going with Rolex, Omega's despite what read everywhere on the internet are just not better watches, (although good)
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