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Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh New stuff on the PS UK site. Henry. Who makes PS Mainline shoes? Love these Henry's. German eBay seller has several pairs in a uk 8 at £130 gbp, rrp in the uk is £290 so big savings. Too small for me sadly
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I was at Harry Rosen today and smitten by some pewter coloured canali shoes. Alas, they were out of my price range at $750. Can anyone reccommend anywhere where I can snag some online (size 10us/eu43) for maybe $500-ish tops? Example of the colour I'm looking for: Sorry to be unhelpful, but what model are these Barkers? Couldn't find them on the Barker site.
For Gods sake. I give up.
Any chance of the forum using tapatalk? As a understand it it's a free forum plug in that provides an enhanced browising experinence for iPhone/blackberry/smartphone users. Hows about it please admin? Not spam honest.
Dunhill, on sale. Got a lovely navy blazer made by Zenga for £250 at a recent sale.
I see, done it once myself, Is that enough though ? I presume after a certian period of time they need a re-spray?
How often would you need to treat suede shoes with spray on water repelent? Any advice would be great. Cheers guys.
Sports coats are casual wear full stop.
I've never seen it work.
What's wrong with you all? Never, Awful.
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