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Utter rubbish.
Devonshire Square near Liverpool Street Station has a shoe shine guy.
I also have one of these you might like op? Just under $500 usd, it's a lumiere table lamp by foscarini, thankfully top quality unlike the Flos. It's a really nice lamp I must say.
I have this one, (Flos miss k soft) And I would not recommend it, the shade is handmade, and very poorly handmade, the stitching and hem are all over the place. Very disappointing.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff the metal hardwarde on bit loafers dont make a sound when you wear them to the op, i used to have some bit loafers and i think brown /brown suede looks best in gold colored hardware, and pewter/brushed silver/gunmetal looks good on black leather. Mine do, that said you can have the tightend at a Gucci shop (special tools needed) to be silent. I prefer mine this way. Anyway you've collectively made me...
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer My humble opinion is that the silver bit doesn't look right on brown suede. I think they would look better without that, but then they wouldn't be Gucci. Intresting you should mention that, it had crossed my mind to cut them off on more than one occation that said I like the way they jingle jangle when I walk around, makes me feel like a cowboy wearing spurs.
Hello chaps, I have a pair of brown suede gucci loafers like these which I really like when I'm not wearing them or when I see others wearing them. However when I put them on somethings not quite right. I feel very self consious in them, I only bought a pair because I really like the way they look, but I feel like I've wasted my money now unless sf can help me break through my mental block? I know Gucci is not well thought of here, but let's try and leave that (and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 It looks like you are. He posted this in October. No, I went with Herring shoes instead, who were great when I sent back those fugly Loakes. Thanks anyway.
I'm addicted to Dunhill belts and highly recommend them. Quality is first class, although I don't pay full retail for them.
Cheers guys, intresting info. Have to save up for a pair of those Henrys or cut a couple of toes off?
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