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your avatar is what's making you look gay
Pop into the menswear departments in any of the big department stores on Oxford street (selfridges, John Lewis etc etc) they stock blazers and jackets from most brands.
Elaborate pretty smart.
I've bought from him. Has been a high end eBay seller for over a decade now iirc, buy with confidence. (it's not me btw )
Ok, checked on my pc now I'm home. Keepall 55 graphite £875.00, 45 graphite £845.00 Just I case anyone else would like to know.
Really?? I thought the keepalls were around £1000? Anyway thanks, if you have to ask you can't afford it etc, etc
Anyone tell me what the RRP is in the uk for LV keepall in Graphite? I'm posting via a mobile and the official LV site defalts to mobile view which is shite. Google returns page after page of replica outlets .Not sure what size im after yet (depends on price tbh) so some quick help would be appreciated guys. Thanks.
How old are you?What do you do for work?What sort of nightclub are you going to?This would help us to help you. ,
Unless your wearing a jacket, don't wear a tie, in fact if your going clubbing, don't wear a tie even if your wearing a jacket. Buy nice shoes, make sure your clothes fit properly. The rest is personal choice IMO. That said I would avoid dark coloured dress shirts.
Nice bezel fade.
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