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Paul Smith?
Why aren't any of them wearing a tie? The mind boggles.
Sports spam
Okay, maybe more information might help? Casual post works drinks for a departing colleague, would be wearing the jacket with blue jeans, possibly desert boots, or brown brogues, having trouble deciding on a shirt that will complement the jacket. (Ignore the pocket square) Other than white or black, I'm open to suggestions. Yours hopefully... Dan.
At a bit of a loss as to what would work, casually, with this jacket. Any help would be appreciated.
The Rake magazine now available on the UK iTunes Store, not sure about the US or elsewhere.
Please? Lot of watch fans here, so would be nice to have a small sub forum rather than jamming it all into one or two huge threads. What do you think?
This again? *yawns*
I did in the end buy a replica Barcelona, quality is pretty good, and I'm still happy with it. That said it has turned out to be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, so I've replaced it, (as my main armchair) with an eames lounge chair knock off. I did my homework, which is the important part with replica furniture as quality does vary a great deal yes, the original is no doubt better, if you can afford them, I cant afford them so I buy within my means as I...
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