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The short answer is yes. Upon leaving O'Hare look for ground transportation then taxicab sign. Get in the line and tell the cab maitre d' "Evanston" so he/she can alert the driver. Cost: $50 (including tip). Getting back to the city may run you the same depending on the time of day. Might be wise to consider the Metra (train) or El (Subway). Train runs about every hour www dot metrarail dot com while the subway may require a connection if there is construction. Cost for...
Going rate is $3 (scaling up for boots, etc) all in a "fin" takes care of it.
For something a bit different, I can recommend as I know the artisan. The site is till a tad in "beta" form but you can get the jist of it. Full disclosure: I'm not involved with the project but it wouldn't hurt to mention JAS referred you (I will send a note and see if a % off is a possibility). Let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film_Noir_Buff Actually the more i look at the hot dogs one the funnier they get. Thanks for checking out their efforts. I have no interest beyond wishing them well and figured upping their "click count" was an appropriate gesture.
for those who may still be looking, I know the proprietor of well enough to ask if the SF could receive any % off. feel free to pm me if any of their offerings interest you.
For those who may have the TCA on DVD...can anyone make a guess at the pen PB uses to sign the contract at the beginning of the movie? Cartier?
"i am evaluating the opportunity and potential to improve my professional position locally" This would seem like a flawed and fatal reason to join any club, IMHO. Full disclosure: I am either a member of or frequent visitor to every Chicago club so I can soapbox about this until carpal tunnel takes hold. Unlike midtown Manhattan , Chicago does not have a college/club row. The various establishments are oozing with +'s and -'s, as are the suburban haunts (i.e. Golf club)...
Basically, (and this my first post so apologies for the length), one must logically separate the "enjoyment" of opera into two camps: attending vs non-attending. There is a major difference but enjoyment can be had no matter which path is preferred. Since you are just starting out I would rec this easy crash course. Trek on down to the local library and grab as many of these artists as your local branch has & will allow: Callas (Tosca), anything else with Callas...
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