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hi, everyone. just got my Navy Chambray by Brembana. Numbers are right on. I like fabric very much. Never had chambray so not sure if permanent creases and wrinkles are natural for fabric of this type. I like price and service overall . Paid 60 bucks shipped from India. I guess price went up to 80 USD in past few days! Not sure whats up.... Any way, buttons are nice , but not Borrelli or Barba like. Buttonholes are done so so..., but for such a casual shirt its a minor...
For sale otter green Filson small duffel bag .180 shipped CONUS. PayPal only no fee. Thank you for looking
Dear guys, Being new and all. Got this BB celadon sweater as a gift over the holydays . Not sure how to work with this colour... The best i could do: May be jeans will work better? Please, guys, help me out here.
How about B-Type dial? Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Nothin' like a self-gift.........
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 After seeing some nice watch pics in other threads, I thought this forum deserved its very own watch p0rn thread. So here is a home to post your pictures of your watches (I think it's more interesting if we stick to our own watches rather than reposting stock photos or other people's scans) here we go.. some Lemania love...
just wonder if anybody has HT made by JAB?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan Graber just curious, I've taken elderberry extract, and that seems to help a little. foget vitamins if you already got sick. Cordyceps mushrooms and Glutamin amino acid will make it go away within 2-3 days. its not cheep, but works 100%
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjanine I just bought a pair of new-looking Ferragamo cordovan shoes on eBay, wingtips with a lot of nice broguing. I'm wondering what I can wear them with. Can I pull off cordovans with jeans? They're quite red, albeit a very dark shade of red. And what color shirts can I wear them with? Thanks in advance! I think it will look good, but pic always help. here is what i had on today.
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