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It sold pretty quickly after my last post.
Looks like there is one oxford grey left...
I was just able to buy one. I'd suggest trying again.
Sad to hear that size 29 Wilshires will be mostly going away. Will there be any options other than trying the snag the sole 29 sized pair when a new run becomes available?
Brown Grains showed up today. Ordered my normal size, which seems to work for me (admittedly this is based on a roughly five minute walk around the house).
Could anyone provide sizing input on the last the Eagle Country is on? I'm normally a 10B in the 5 last. Also is brown grain require any special maintenance?
How quickly was the Olive Doyle sold out in size 36? By the time I finally saw the email around noon it was already gone.
Still disappointed that my factory find sport coat was canceled due to issues with the fabric. Next time I guess...
Is there any expected shrinkage with the Smoke Chambray trousers?
FYI, according to this URL, it is the former owner of Allen Edmonds (John Stollenwerk) who contributed to Walker.I searched the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's campaign finance database and there are no entries forPaul Grangaard, but there are listings for John Stollenwerk where Allen Edmonds is listed as the employer:...
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