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Could anyone provide sizing input on the last the Eagle Country is on? I'm normally a 10B in the 5 last. Also is brown grain require any special maintenance?
How quickly was the Olive Doyle sold out in size 36? By the time I finally saw the email around noon it was already gone.
Still disappointed that my factory find sport coat was canceled due to issues with the fabric. Next time I guess...
Is there any expected shrinkage with the Smoke Chambray trousers?
FYI, according to this URL http://www.progressive.org/wx030811.html, it is the former owner of Allen Edmonds (John Stollenwerk) who contributed to Walker.I searched the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's campaign finance database and there are no entries forPaul Grangaard, but there are listings for John Stollenwerk where Allen Edmonds is listed as the employer:...
I believe the inseam length is on the measurement charts.Also in case anyone was wondering, I was finally able to get a refund on the pair of trousers.
At this point I'd rather not. All my prior experiences with Howard Yount have been pleasant, including a successful return a few months ago. I'm still hoping that this can be resolved in a way that will leave me feeling comfortable ordering from Howard Yount again.
You do realize that I was referring to someone buying a second pair of pants in a second size while waiting for Jamison to issue a refund on the first? And regardless if one can afford it, a month plus wait for a refund just might be considered annoying.
I wouldn't recommend this right now unless you can float the cost of the second pair of trousers for a month plus.
I've been waiting over three weeks for Jamison to respond to an email (sent via the contact link on his site). Sent another email in a little over two weeks ago and then within the past week also sent him a PM. Not really sure what to do at this point short of just mailing the item back to him and hoping for the best.
New Posts  All Forums: