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Please tell me that while you continue to unpack your going to come across an RLBL suit in a 42L...
Will this sale be happening at the outlet store in woodbury commons? Or just regular Rl stores?
I could try and sublet for a little while, the only problem is I will be starting as an Investment banking analyst and I'm going to be swamped with work and I really don't want to have to deal with moving twice. -I'm not necessarily worried about it being tiny. The place I lived in this summer in the east village was small, but a lot bigger than I could of imagined. I just meant I don't want to get screwed over by pictures. 1. I'm looking to live in east village,...
Those look sick, how light are they?
I'll be moving from the south to Nyc in June to start work. I've got 2 other friends from school that I'll be rooming with that are moving at the same time. I need to start looking for apartments and although Craigslist seems to be the best route, I won't be able to afford a trip up there to check out any of the apartments to make sure they're not tiny or a scam. I really don't want to have to pay a broker fee, so I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del How about a Caruso suit from ehaberdasher for 600-650 USD Can someone elaborate more on this Caruso. Will it be a similar cut to the one they make for RLBL?
Those Trickers are pretty nice....I'll have to see what kind of deals I can find. Only problem is I don't know what the fit is like.
Thanks for the input everyone. My only problem with AE's is that I have a pretty small foot. I'm a big guy (6'2 200lbs) and the AE 10D fits my foot perfectly but looks like way to small with my suit, if that makes sense. I've only tried to Park Avenue though so their other lasts could be different.
I'm in the market for a nice Walnut shoe. I like the look of both of these shoes a lot, and they're relatively the same price. Which would you guys suggest as a better shoe? Also which would probably be sleeker? Thanks
Looking to purchase a couple pairs of RLBL Anthony wools pants. I'd prefer them to be NWT and I'm looking for size 36. Navy, charcoal or black is fine.
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