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Someone mentioned that since its becoming the time for an influx in apt renting, they don't feel the need to provide a no-fee place. Like I said before I'll be living with 2 other people, one of the guys doesn't start his job until September, therefore isn't planning on moving to NYC until mid-august. Do you guys think it would be wise for me to just sublet a place till August and get a storage unit in the city? Do you guys think rent prices will come down by August? Or...
Quote: Originally Posted by azlawstudent I have a feeling most Americans would view a button-down collar as "less high-falutin'." I view it as that as well. Button down collars make my stomach hurt. Makes sense why politicians wear them frequently
Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor What are his measurements? I might have some stuff for sale and/or I'll keep an eye out. 32-33 Waist size, and 15.5/34 shirt. Thanks
Is it really true that when you pay a fee to a broker, your rent can be lower since they management company doesn't have to pay the fee. And when you find a no fee apt the management company is just passing the fee along to you in the rent anyway. I know brokers tell this to people all the time, but is it accurate or just a line?
I'm trying to help my roommate get a nice outfit that he can wear to graduation. We're going to just wear trousers a shirt and a tie. The graduation is on May 8th so we are running out of time to get the stuff. I'd normally suggest CT or TM lewin for shirts, but they probably wont be here in time. Was wondering if I could get some suggestions on where to look for pants like Mabitex that can be had in time. And then a good shirt under $100 dollars that will run pretty...
Been long since the 99 cent range... hoping for some more. Especially after the gov is done selling all their stake.
Quote: Originally Posted by chas In the areas that you mentioned above $4,000 will get you a nice 1br or an average (at best) 2br. Are you referring to 4,000 in Union or Gramercy.... Or Evill, Wvill etc. The Apt I lived in this past summer was a large 3 bedroom and it was just rented for 3500.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Dude, if you're an actual 42L, you'd be a fool to not grab that 44L for that price... I'm actually a 40, i just wear a 42 in RLBL
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