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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles My best recommendation is Craigslist. You can find something great for that price. Yeah I don't mind using Craigslist, but I don't trust a lot of the people on there. So I thought before I send some complete stranger a check for $1k+ I'd check on here and see if anyone had anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles budget? sub 2k unless there is 2 bedrooms in which there's another kid interning in the city that would like to live there.
Is anyone in Nyc looking to sublet their apartment out this summer? I'm trying to find a room from mid-june till anytime in August. Please let me know if your in need. Thanks
Just spoke with the lady from Bennies and she was very cooperative and is over-nighting me a new pair on the trust that I'll send this pair back. So I'm happy now.
would it be wrong for me to ask them to overnight me another pair? Like I said I need them for Saturday.
I just received a pair of AE Strands that I ordered from Bennies. And they have really bad shop wear on both shoes. The eyelets on the shoe laces are already black with wear and worn out looking and there is a lot of wear on both shoes near the ankle, please see pic below. What should I do? I def plan to call them in the morning and ask for an actual NEW pair, but I need these shoes for my college graduation this Saturday. Thanks
Hey I am a member of this corporate shopping website through an old job I used to have . It gives us discounts to a lot of online retailers. Anyway there's a code for RL's private sale for an extra 15% off just use: MAY0610AF It says it's valid May 6-10. This could totally be publicly available. I have no idea. I just thought if this is the same thing people are getting in the mail and trying to sell, I'd post one for everyone to use.
Call me an idiot but all of these videos say start with the wide end of the tie on the right. But, its actually on their left (our right when looking at them). I am confused, have i been doing this incorrectly?
I'm looking to buy some Mabitex trousers in either a Navy or Black. I'm a 36 US. The trousers also must be Wool and Flat Front. Thanks
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