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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker The only RLPL shoe made by G&G is the Narvell. Ill guess Sessetti on the Garrith? worth $300?
Yeah I'm more concerned with the garrith loafer though, does anyone have an opinion?
Thats fine, I need a black shoe, and if they are made by EG or G&G, $300 is a steal.
Hey can someone please tell me who makes the RLPL Garith shoe on gvh it says made in England on the description but then it says made in italy on the bottom of the shoe. Also would like and I.D. on the Garren and Garran boots if possible. Thanks
I bought a paul smith traveler suit yesterday at the williamsburg clearance store for $500. It's light grey with a nice pinstripe. The jack fits ok but will need to be taken in a bit, I might even have it shortened. The pants though are very baggy and will need to be tapered. Was wondering if everyone though this was a good deal. Thanks
saw this brand of suit at century 21 for $400, do you think its worth a buy?
You go to woodbury commons and recognize specific items that are consistently sold on b&s/ebay and remember the sellers names.
Taking Mabitex requests, I live right next door to the post office and within easy distance to the mabitex sources. Cottons would be $60-70 and Wool would be $100-110. For some reason a lot of the wools I have found are significantly more expensive than most people have said in the past. You bigger guys are in serious luck if your interested right now. Just to follow up on the Daniel Cremieux SC's, they were all gone by the next day when i went back. I hope they wont...
are they on sale at dillards right now?
measurements por favor?
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