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PM sent about #12
Looking for a thom Browne button down in a size 3. Open to all offers
Has anyone had a problem with Mabitex buttons falling off? I have a few pairs of mabitex pants, assorted wool and cotton. Every pair I own has had multiple buttons fall off after just a few wears. I'm not hard on my clothes at all, I take very good care of them. You would think for something that is supposed to be such a high quality, their buttons would be sewn on better.
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Wait so are these not Thom Browne inspired suits? Or not the same quality as the ones presently in the store?
Quote: Originally Posted by KeatonCollar RL online is having a sale. Additional 25% off reduced prices. http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/in...943767&view=99 This has been going on for over a week?
PM'ed about suit
Can I get the measurements on the Barker Blacks?
Hey I'm looking to buy some barker black loafers with the metal bit on the outside. I'm a US size 10 normally. So anything measuring 12'' by 4'' should be good. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky I don't love penny loafers, so I went with the Garran at $50 less. From a previous discussion, I think the RLPL Italian shoes are pretty nice, but still not up to EG standards. C&J is about as reliable as they come, though. I can't imagine you'd go wrong dropping $300 if you like the loafers a lot. I'm sure I've bought less good quality shoes for similar money. You could also just order both and see how...
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