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Can anyone reccommend a good place for trad thanksgiving food with a prix fixe under $50 in NYC? My family is coming to visit since I wont be able to go home and we'd like to eat thanksgiving dinner but dont want to spend $600+ since we'll be 7 people. Thanks a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Seeing a picture i took of my shoes (Trifecta of my own monks).......reminds me to wear one of them tomorrow!! You only liked the center one, but my other 2 on the sides are nice too. Thanks. Regards. Regards. I really like the ones on the left where do they come from?
What would everyone say is the sleekest single monk under $350 right now. That price mark is where the C&J Monkton sits but I'm not suere that I want to spend that much so looking for an alternative. From pics to the AE Boston looks pretty good but I haven't seen it in person yet.
Any good sales today? I have the day off...
Looking for a burberry raincoat size 38 or 40. Pref a knee length one. Any color is fine. Thanks
2 questions: Is it bad that I really want those Gucci Loafers now? I am usually against ferragammos and the like as most of my co-workers waste their money on them. But those Guccis look really good. Also are you guys going to shy away from C&J now that the whole world is going to know about them from that movie?
Did anyone notice the belt Shia was wearing with his jeans in a few scenes. It was really cool and ideas of the brand?
There were futher reductions today. It ranged though. Pants were 75% off which is a good deal. There were a ton of incotex scattered around the store mostly in size 36 and larger but I'm sure if you looked harder you could find smaller sizes.
Looking to purchase some blue suede chukkas in a size 10 or 10.5us. Thanks
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