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Looking for size 10-10.5 US black or brown bottega or gucci loafers. Actually looking for this specific gucci model in the link below: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...550cat10580739
I have a pair of brown Barker Black Wolfe loafers in a size UK 9. They're used, but still in great condition. I bought them from a fellow SF member over the summer but they were a half size too small for me so I only wore them twice. They fit like a US 9.5. Just asking for what I paid for them. Thank Sold
Can anyone reccommend a good place for trad thanksgiving food with a prix fixe under $50 in NYC? My family is coming to visit since I wont be able to go home and we'd like to eat thanksgiving dinner but dont want to spend $600+ since we'll be 7 people. Thanks a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Seeing a picture i took of my shoes (Trifecta of my own monks).......reminds me to wear one of them tomorrow!! You only liked the center one, but my other 2 on the sides are nice too. Thanks. Regards. Regards. I really like the ones on the left where do they come from?
What would everyone say is the sleekest single monk under $350 right now. That price mark is where the C&J Monkton sits but I'm not suere that I want to spend that much so looking for an alternative. From pics to the AE Boston looks pretty good but I haven't seen it in person yet.
Any good sales today? I have the day off...
Looking for a burberry raincoat size 38 or 40. Pref a knee length one. Any color is fine. Thanks
2 questions: Is it bad that I really want those Gucci Loafers now? I am usually against ferragammos and the like as most of my co-workers waste their money on them. But those Guccis look really good. Also are you guys going to shy away from C&J now that the whole world is going to know about them from that movie?
Did anyone notice the belt Shia was wearing with his jeans in a few scenes. It was really cool and ideas of the brand?
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