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Shoe city.. I saw your original post, the cutaway shirt is the only one that does not have the option between french cuff or single on the website
Thanks i never knew about the french cuffs worn as barrel
Thank you
So I have been looking endlessly for a waist high light grey pea coat with the epaulets on the shoulder for under $200. Does anyone know where I might find this. Also, why is this color so uncommon?
Hey can I get some suggestions on where to find a plain white or light blue dress shirt with a cutaway collar and button cuffs for under $100. I went to Charles Tyrwhitt because I am a fan of their shirts but they only make that shirt in a french cuff, which I thought was kind of weird. I know Banana Republic probably has them but I dont care for their quality. Thanks
Thanks for the knowledge, where can i find one of these
I'm looking to buy a light grey double breasted pea coat. I'd like to be waist long or a little longer. Would prefer the flap with button thing on the shoulder. Thanks
haha alright
Hey I was wondering if anyone here works at CNBC.... I am in a student managed portfolio management class with about $12 million under management and is the third-oldest student managed fund in the nation. We take an annual week long trip to New York and I was wondering if anyone would mind assisting in the scheduling of a tour or equivalent of the studio in Englewood. Thanks
Hey im looking to buy some chukkas preferably a tan color. And trying to keep it sub $120. Thanks
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