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Alright some will probably think this is stupid but im serious. My Dad is in his early 50's and works for a large electronics vendor of Wal-Mart, he travels a lot and works out of NJ a lot as well. Now that I am more educated on style I feel the need to pass some of this knowledge on to him. I feel that he needs to be dressing a lot better than he does when he goes up north and to Hong Kong and the rest of Asia which hes been doing frequently. I've been trying to get...
Im really upset about all of this... I've seen RLBL suits on there for like 550 many times, and I was hoping to stock up on a few the next time they're on the site. Now I'm worried that they're sub par to the ones you could get in the mansion. Anyone have any experiences with RLBL suits from Gilt?
Shoe city.. I saw your original post, the cutaway shirt is the only one that does not have the option between french cuff or single on the website
Thanks i never knew about the french cuffs worn as barrel
Thank you
So I have been looking endlessly for a waist high light grey pea coat with the epaulets on the shoulder for under $200. Does anyone know where I might find this. Also, why is this color so uncommon?
Hey can I get some suggestions on where to find a plain white or light blue dress shirt with a cutaway collar and button cuffs for under $100. I went to Charles Tyrwhitt because I am a fan of their shirts but they only make that shirt in a french cuff, which I thought was kind of weird. I know Banana Republic probably has them but I dont care for their quality. Thanks
Thanks for the knowledge, where can i find one of these
I'm looking to buy a light grey double breasted pea coat. I'd like to be waist long or a little longer. Would prefer the flap with button thing on the shoulder. Thanks
haha alright
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