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heres the pic of the other belt : http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...ctGroup=321639 Thanks
Hey everyone I'm looking to find a Light brown, tan, or walnut belt (whichever color name its supposed to be). I have an idea of what I'd like, does anyone have any suggestions as to who might sell such a thing? I like the belt in this picture of the guy in the green jacket. I'd really like a belt buckle like the one in this other picture. If anyone knows I'd really appreciate it. http://images.colehaan.com//is/image...EComm/SEARCH_A
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ^ That's Velponi. You could ask him directly. - B Just sent him a PM...Thanks
Meant this pic
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Great example of picking items & a look to really accentuate one's build. This guy could look good wearing most things with that frame, but the actual items shown demonstrate extra care & attention to really make the most of it, regardless of that natural advantage. Probably my favourite look, though olddog's first look with the orange tie runs it close. I must have missed that one first time round. So thanks for...
Why oh why cant that be a 40r or l!!
Im in a similar situation.... I will be starting in july as a full-time IB analyst in NYC. BUT, I do have to wear a suit everyday. I have one RLBL which I love, and 2 other suits which I'll wear but would prefer to replace soon. How many suits would you guys recommend that I have? Thanks
Nevermind I guess hes going to go to Jantzen anyway. He said hes on the ferry now.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 What area in Hk is your dad in? Based on some reviews I would suggest Peter Lee of Lee Baron but not sure what the prices are. If all else fails Ascot Chang is prevalent in HK but his shirts start at $130 Hey my dad is in Kowloon. He said jantzen is in central hong kong and thats like 30 min away?
Hey my dad is in Hong Kong right now and he was going to go to Jantzen and get a few shirts for me and him. But I guess Jantzen is like 30 minutes from where he is and he doesnt want to travel that far. Does anyone have some quick suggestions I can relay to him for tailors in Kowloon that do shirts under $60. Thanks
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