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I just got a pair of Tod's driving mocs of Ebay and they are entirely too big for me. And I'm pissed. They're marked 44/10 but they're at least as big as an 11. Is this normal?
Pm'ed on RLBL orange knit.
heres the pic of the other belt : http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...ctGroup=321639 Thanks
Hey everyone I'm looking to find a Light brown, tan, or walnut belt (whichever color name its supposed to be). I have an idea of what I'd like, does anyone have any suggestions as to who might sell such a thing? I like the belt in this picture of the guy in the green jacket. I'd really like a belt buckle like the one in this other picture. If anyone knows I'd really appreciate it. http://images.colehaan.com//is/image...EComm/SEARCH_A
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ^ That's Velponi. You could ask him directly. - B Just sent him a PM...Thanks
Meant this pic
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Great example of picking items & a look to really accentuate one's build. This guy could look good wearing most things with that frame, but the actual items shown demonstrate extra care & attention to really make the most of it, regardless of that natural advantage. Probably my favourite look, though olddog's first look with the orange tie runs it close. I must have missed that one first time round. So thanks for...
Why oh why cant that be a 40r or l!!
Im in a similar situation.... I will be starting in july as a full-time IB analyst in NYC. BUT, I do have to wear a suit everyday. I have one RLBL which I love, and 2 other suits which I'll wear but would prefer to replace soon. How many suits would you guys recommend that I have? Thanks
Nevermind I guess hes going to go to Jantzen anyway. He said hes on the ferry now.
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