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Hi can you please list the measurements on these? Thanks
Hey all, I really like the color and fit of these "Wallace and Barnes" jeans sold at J. Crew, but $300 is a little steep. Anyone know of any good selvage alternatives with a similar color? Thanks
Hey all, I recently picked up a pair of "Polo Custom Fit Chinos" and they are really good so I thought I'd spread the word. They''re very slim fitting similar to the rugby chinos, but with an even better taper towards the cuff. The best part though is that their not vintage, they look like a nice pair of dress chinos and are very appropriate for the office. I had never seen this model before and they aren't on RL's website. But I was home in the south for thanksgiving and...
Hey all just saw this picture online and have been looking for a pair of jeans in this wash. Does anyone happen to know what brand these may be? Thanks so much
All, I'm selling a pair of Persol's on Ebay. Please check out the listing at the link below. Thanks
im interested in 32s please
Hey everyone, I'm selling a pair of Loake Lincoln suede loafers. I just received these in the mail from Pediwear on monday and unfortunately they are too big for me. Instead of returning them I'm hoping to recover what I paid for them. Apologies for the crappy iPhone pics. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Hey all, was wondering if someone could suggest where to find a very light / pale blue shirt like the one in the picture. All of the blues I come across are normally much richer. Side note: Does anyone know where to find the red stitched thing in his lapel? Thanks
Any other suggestions for tassel loafers similar to the alfred sargents?
oh thanks. sorry been off the forum for a few months
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