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Hi All, I recently found the Barbour Billingham boots online in a Cognac color. I really like this style and last shape. Unfortunately I am unable to buy them in the U.S. as they aren't available to us. Does anyone know a brand and model similar to this style that could serve as a good substitute. Appreciate the help....
bump. Anyone?
Hey Everybody, Due to a fairly strange body type / build I have a difficult time finding a pair of jeans that fit the way I would like. This often results in a lot of money spent at the tailor or ruining a pair of selvedge jeans. Anyway does anyone know the best place to have custom selvedge or even regular jeans made? I now live in Dallas but am back in NYC pretty frequently if there is a brick and mortar establishment thats best. Thanks for the replies.
Not sure on the knee but at least as narrow as 14' on the ankle
I'm a size 32 normally. What is the ankle opening measurement on boss?
I can and i usually do. Although I dont live in NYC anymore and they don't do as good of a job down in Dallas. Also its just kind of a pain and makes the pant $20 more. I'd love to be able to find them correct off the shelf.
Thanks for the response. I used to buy a lot of Incotex and Mabitex, but with the closing of Daffys havent been able to find a good source for them.
Hi All, I've been away from the forums for a while so i'm not sure what everyone is where these days for dress pants. I am looking for a slim through the thigh pant that tapers around the calf and ankle. I have been wearing J Crew Bowery Slim wool pants and they are good until the ankle which is not tapered and therefore looks like a bell bottom. Hoping to spend less than $125, Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Everyone, Up for sale is a pair of C&J Bostons. They are in really good condition with tons of life left. The shoes got very limited wear, and I haven't worn them in about a year because they were always just too big for me. I accept PayPal as "gift" payment only. Price is $240 and includes shipping CONUS Please message me with any questions. Thanks
Hey Everyone, I'm really interested in the snuff suede double monks Meermin offers. I am concerned though about the size of the heel. It looks very tall. Can those who have this shoe please share their thoughts. If possible also can someone please share the measurement of how tall the heel is. I spoke to Luisa, who said that the heel is 23mm, but that seem way to large. Thanks for the help.
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