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Thanks all...I'm very happy to have them.
I bought these... So I'm selling these...
Quote: Originally Posted by hooker4186 Can you post fit pics? I have a pair coming in June on the second pre-order Tom did for these and I can't wait. A few pre-work shots this morning... Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Overprotective. I think that would kind of defeat the look of the flex welt sole. Those are awesome btw. I think you're right...I they felt great today.
Thanks. I found them on ebay. I had to pay retail price (sans tax and shipping since seller lived in NYC), but I consider myself lucky since this size sold out presale last year. The guy had them sitting boxed in his closet since October.
Should I put a thin vibram sole on these before I start wearing them or is this overprotective?
Girlfriends perfume collections I thinks shes a hoard.
Helmut Lang Raw indigo straight leg jeans size 32 (806hm229). $90 shipped CONUS. These are almost new (worn 4-5 times)...they have been sitting in my closet while my other jeans were getting all the attention. No noticeable fades, black (waxed denim I think) belt loop. I think these are the same jeans. Actual measurements: Waist: 17.5" Inseam: 36" Bottom Hem: 17.25" Front Rise: 10.75" Thigh: 12" The color is best represented ^here^ they are a dark indigo color.
too Jersey Shore...Is that a skin fade or a tape up?
Will the IWC strap fit the Portuguese 3714?
I'm lazy so no search...size down .5 for indy boots?
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