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Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto No offense, but you have to question why a 23 year would be interested in someone twice her age. All the things US dollars can buy in Mexico and a greencard would be my guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Alden is like the lower east side of nyc. A lot of hip places there in the 70's-90's, then everyone got wind and moved in, now.its yuppie.central. Soon it was in vogue and people were willing to pay exhorbitant rents for the same places that were much cheaper in the past. We'll see if Alden can keep it up. As for Manhattan, well its almost entirely homogenized at this point, but wait I hear Brooklyn has some hip...
Lightly worn. I have quite a few pairs of CPs and never wear these. There is a little bit of blue on the tongue from jeans which can probably be taken out with a good cleaning. Very good used condition. The color is a light gray/stone/cement. Size 44 $155 shipped CONUS Drop $130 CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig BTW, i assume you're excluding the Magnificent Mile, which on a good / bad day comes close to being a fashion catwalk. A catwalk of plump soccer moms wearing kitty cat sweatshirts? I think you're on to something.
Equal parts not knowing and not caring.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth I don't understand why the need to wear suede to clubs. I've always worn shit beater shoes and I don't think people really care about the footwear when its so dark. Yeah I only packed two pairs...these and my beater CP Italian Armys. Didn't think the Chicago scence was such a shitshow. Planned on dinner then what I thought would be a table at a nice lounge...turned out to be drink fight a la Zoolander's...
Before: After a 2 day trip to Chicago...Imagine being surrounded by drunk girls at a club spilling drinks left and right. This is from a dumb beeotch spilling about 8oz of pineapple juice directly on them
Still on the fence... Florsheim by Duckie Brown
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