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Quote: Originally Posted by SField uhh no, because most models could never be students... Maybe you didn't read the rest of the thread, but most print and catalog work happens during business hours and often will mean days and days of time taken up with no financial yield. That essentially would make it impossible to be a student. I did. It's not that difficult to balance. Castings took about 30mins (in Chicago) if you even have to go....
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma In NA this means NYC yes, you could also go to Paris, Milan, London or Tokyo (the market is quite different for the last one). All time spent considered being a model is one of the shittiest jobs you can have. Because making decent money while living in the best cities in the world is shitty? I don't know the market as well as I did 10 years ago, but I don't regret it for a minute. However, I agree like...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField In chicago I don't think there's much more other than catalog work. Although not glamorous catalog/consumer products work pays great. Print work is good for your book/ego but doesn't pay the bills (unless its an ad campaign).
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Galarraga will be more famous now than if the call wasn't blown....similar to the Taylor Swift effect.
I was between 99-03. You do have to be in a big city. Even the best agencies have open castings. You should call a few and ask what day/time they're at. Then find a decent emerging photographer who will shoot you for free since it will help their book as much as yours. I was only full time for a year and a half working in Chicago, NYC, London, Milan, LA. Then did it part time while finishing college in Chicago. It is one of the best jobs a student can have.
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There's no such thing as luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Finally got here earlier this week, fucking beautiful. Nice. Just in time for the 90 degree weather.
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