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Quote: Originally Posted by bearsfan172 I enjoy the fit of pink shirts, and there are certain styles that really can't be found anywhere else... So that part is good. The problem is that they are outrageously overpriced. I generally avoid paying over 100 for a shirt not made in a first world country, with MOP buttons and the like. I do own one shirt... and I really like it. I would likely buy more. For me, it is one of those things that I know I'm...
Lobster roll
Quote: Originally Posted by Perdogg I wonder if the classics ever go on sale. Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by catlettsl I really want a pair of Lanvins...but at 700 a pr i cant afford. Anyone know of an online site or outlet that I may be able to find them. Thx for your help $374.50 $581
Must have a price
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Are you deciding between the two or just letting us know? If deciding then definitely the 2nd ones by far. If just telling us, thanks as i'm sure many will enjoy an aloharag sale. Has the nyc aloharag store gotten better? Was terrible its first year stock wise. They've always had a decent online collection and was confused by how bad the nyc store was Just a PSA. I've hit my spending quota for shoes...
MMM, Lanvin on sale at $374.50 $297.50
All from Dior YSL YSL
You can buy steak right in the terminal and they package it very well in a cooler but you can't buy much with $25. I think it was around $25/lb. I got a cheezy yerba mate gourd, straw and tea for my brother. Maybe soccer paraphernalia if you're a fan.
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